• Made in the U.S.A.

    Many of the parts we make for our customers spend their life traveling the globe, but each is first crafted with expertise and care here in Washington State — one of the premiere aerospace and technology hubs of the world.
  • Titanium & More

    In addition to steel and aluminum machining, we work with a large variety of other materials including magnesium, titanium, copper, bronze/PTFE composites, ABS, delrin, glass, acrylic, and fiber glass. Got something else? Let us know.
  • Quality Assurance

    Through every stage of the manufacturing process, parts are carefully checked by our team with precision tools including our Brown & Sharpe CMM — controlled by the latest in CMM automation software.
  • Complete

    Our services are not limited to the equipment we have on hand. We work with every finish and heat treat vendor in the greater Puget Sound area and will coordinate with and ship your parts to any specialist or processor around the globe. No matter how complicated, we can deliver your parts to you ready to assemble.
  • Learn More

    Let us show you why some of the biggest names across many industries choose Honeycutt Manufacturing for their production needs. Give us a call today.

From one-offs to mass production, Honeycutt Manufacturing empowers industry leaders in a wide range of fields to do what they do best: focus on designing and delivering world class products and services to their customers.
The parts we make for our customers go into product designs that millions of people trust their lives with every day. No matter what industry you are in, your company deserves the same quality.