Honeycutt Manufacturing, Inc. is located in Mukilteo, WA just minutes from Boeing's Everett production plant and Paine Field municipal airport. Our 14,000 square foot facility is capable of handling all of your machining needs from prototype to production.  We run multiple shifts, seven days a week to give you the personalized service that you deserve.

Company History

Starting with one old lathe and one old mill, Honeycutt Machine was founded in June of 1980. The purpose of the company was to provide basic machining for local businesses on a job shop basis.

Honeycutt Machine had provided quality workmanship in machining in support of many Seattle area firms as well as delivering work as far away as England, Korea, and Australia.

On July 1st, 2006, Ron Honeycutt sold Honeycutt Machine to new ownership with all assets, liabilities, non-compete agreement and company name.  After four years of business under the control of the new ownership, Honeycutt Machine closed shop.

As a direct response to the news, Ron Honeycutt and two of his sons jumped back into the industry, forming Honeycutt Manufacturing Inc.  Along with many returning veteran employees and a continually growing stable of new talent, Honeycutt Manufacturing quickly matched and now surpasses the legacy of Ron's original company as a key supplier of high quality machined parts to customers worldwide, in both the aerospace and commercial industries.

Honeycutt Manufacturing’s core philosophy is delivering fine quality, attention to detail, and workmanship that is apparent in each and every part manufactured by our employees.