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Department Make Model Capacity
CNC Milling/Turning - 5-Axis Matsuura Cublex 25 PC40 9.84" Dia x 9.84" H, 40 Pallet Cell System
CNC Milling - Horizontal Mori Seiki SH-50 X-24", Y-23", Z-20", 6 Pallet Cell System
CNC Milling - Vertical Matsuura VX-1000 X-40", Y-24", Z-24" - 4th Axis, rotary table, 14K RPM
CNC Milling - Vertical HAAS VF-7 X-84", Y-30", Z-32" - Twin 4th Axis
CNC Milling - Vertical Mori Seiki 5080 X-31", Y-21", Z-20" - Duravertical
Manual Milling EZ Trak N/A X-30", Y-15", Z-17"
Manual Milling Bridgeport N/A X-30", Y-15", Z-17"

Department Make Model Capacity
CNC Milling/Turning Tsugami SS-26 26mm dia thru bore - Swiss-style Screw Machine
CNC Milling/Turning Nakamura Tome WT-300 Dual Spindle, Dual 12 Position Turret
08" Dia. Chuck / Z-24" / 2.5" Dia. bar Capacity
CNC Turning Hwacheon HT-450BL 12" Dia. Chuck / Z-53.5" / 16.5" Dia. Bar Capacity
CNC Turning Nakamura Tome TMC-400 18" Dia. Chuck / Z-20" / 3.5" Dia. Bar Capacity
CNC Turning Nakamura Tome SC-300 10" Dia. Chuck / Z-20" / 2.5" Dia. Bar Capacity
CNC Turning Nakamura Tome TMC-15 05" Dia. Chuck / Z-08" / 1.5" Dia. Bar Capacity
Manual Turning Clausing N/A 16" Dia. Chuck / Z-48" / 2.0" Dia. Bar Capacity

Department Make Model Capacity
Water Jet Omax 2626 Table size X-46", Y-31", 24" Depth
Cutting travel X-29", Y-26"
Laser Engraving/Cutting* Epilog Legend Helix 24 75 Watt CO2 Laser, X-24", Y-18", 11" Depth
Grinding - Centerless Cincinnati N/A 3" Dia. Capacity
Grinding - CNC Mitsubishi RD32 20" Length Capacity
Honing Sunnen MBB 1660 N/A
Sawing - CNC DoAll C-305NC 12" Dia./Width Capacity
Thread Rolling Tesker 175 Up to 2" Thread (Over 60 sets of dies)

*Part marking of steels, aluminums, glass, delrin; Cutting of non-metals only (acrylic, wood, cardboard, etc.)

Department Make Model Capacity
CAD Dassault Systems SolidWorks Three workstation licenses
CAM Delcam FeatureCAM Three workstation licenses

Department Make Model Capacity
CMM Brown & Sharpe Chameleon 7105 X-29", Y-41", Z-19"
Nikon Metrology CMM-Manager Software v3.x
Reinshaw PH10 MQ Motorized Probe Head
CMM Brown & Sharpe RefleX 454 X-18", Y-20", Z-14"
Granite Inspection Tables Various N/A 48" x 60", 36" x 96", 25" x 36", 24" x 36", 12" x 18"
Optical Comparator Gage Master (Baty) GM5 14" Diameter
Rockwell Hardness Tester Newage Industries Versitron Standard scales with tips for steel, aluminum, and copper
Electrical Conductivity Meter Hocking (GE) AutoSigma 3000 Eddy Current (60kHz for Aerospace & 500kHz)
Coating Thickness Gauge Fischer Technology Dualscope FMP20 Eddy Current & Magnetic Induction Testing
Coating Thickness Gauge NDT Systems Nova 810 Ultrasonic Testing
Height Gauge Brown & Sharpe Tesa Hite 400 16" Measuring Span
w/ Insert Holders for 0-31" application range
Height Gauge Mitutoyo 192-608 40" Measuring Span
Calipers Various N/A Measuring spans up to 60"
Thread Gauges Various N/A Common sizes and many more
Plug Gauges Deltronic X Stock .0070" - .7849"
Plug Gauges Various Sets N/A .0115" - 1.0"

Note: This list is only a sample of our inspection equipment. We have more instruments too numerous to list here and welcome the opportunity to expand our capabilities when your job demands it.

Department Make Model Capacity
Tumble Polishing AFI Burr Bench Metal Finisher: Model 4616 5-5/8" deep x 15-1/4" wide x 44-1/2" long
5/8" Urethane lining; Volume: 5 cu. ft
Thread Inserts Helicoil, etc. Various Pneumatic insert installer and most common
manual Helicoil installation tools