• Machining
  • Engineering
  • QA
  • Finishes
  • Pack & Ship
  • Part Marking

CNC Machining

Honeycutt Manufacturing is a world class aerospace and commercial machine shop with capabilities spanning CNC multi-pallet horizontal mills, vertical mills, lathes, a 40 pallet 5-axis milling center with turning capabilities, a dual-spindle/dual-turret mill-turn, centerless and through-feed grinders, and auto-feed saw cutting machines.

Manual Machining

Our CNC capabilities are complimented by a stable of modern manual mills and lathes as well as honing, thread rolling, and broaching machines.

Waterjet & Laser Cutting

From paper-thin aluminum to Acetal plastic plate to 6-inch thick blocks of steel, our Omax 2626 Waterjet excels at cutting flat stock materials into both finished parts and roughed-out blanks for additional milling.

Our Epilog Helix 75w laser engraver is ideal for more sensitive materials such as acrylic, nylon 6/6, rubber, and fiberglass sheet. We can fabricate parts --including precision washers and gaskets--in small or large run quantities without prohibitive tool and die costs.


Our Programming and Engineering team utilize the latest versions of Dassault System's SolidWorks (CAD), Open Mind's hyperMILL (CAM), and Delcam's FeatureCAM (CAM) software. We can work with CAD files, 2D blueprints, or reverse engineer your design from a physical sample.

Custom Tooling

Tooling fixtures are designed and manufactured in-house to increase machining efficiency on complex or high-volume part runs. This speeds up set up times and shortens run times while simplifying our ability to maintain dimensional accuracy and repeat-ability at our high quality standards.


Our Quality Assurance department uses industry-leading metrology equipment to ensure your finished parts are dimensionally, structurally, and cosmetically perfect. When your assembly requires precision, we can machine your parts at tolerances down to one tenth of one thousandth of an inch and provide the measurements to back it.

We are also equipped to measure conductivity and hardness on incoming raw material and material we have sent out to be heat treated, and can also verify protective coating thicknesses using ultrasonic and eddy current methods.

In-Process Checks

All of your parts are subjected to in-process checks throughout every stage of the manufacturing process. While few and far between, this ensures that any production issue from us or outside vendors are caught early before your schedule can be negatively impacted.

An overview of our Quality Assurance equipment can be found on the Quality tab of our Equipment page and we welcome you to contact us with any questions you may have that aren't addressed here.


There is no limit to the type of finish, coating, heat treatment, or material inspection we can have applied to your parts. We work with every aerospace and commercial finishing and heat treat vendor in the greater Puget Sound area and will send parts to vendors around the globe for uncommon finishes and specialty processes that can't be found anywhere else. Below are just a few examples of the processes we commonly send parts out-shop for.
Finish, Plating & Coating
Anodize, Cadmium Plating, Chemical Conversion, Chem Etch, Chem Film, Chromium Plating, Copper Plating, Nickel Plating, Electroless Nickel Plating, Passivation, Polishing, Powder Coat, Primer, Sand Blasting, Shot Peening, Solid Film Lubricant, Tin Coating, Top Coat, Wet Paint, Zinc Plating

Material Inspection
Gas Analysis, Corrosion Testing, Liquid Penetrant Inspection, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Mechanical Hardness & Tensile Testing, Microhardness, Optical Emission Spectroscopy

Heat Treating
Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Magnesium, Copper, Brass, Plastic . . . You name it, we can have it treated to your specification.

Sourcing & Quoting

As a standard part of our service, our sales and purchasing team sources vendors and solicits bids for all outside processing jobs. We also are happy to work with your preferred vendors and under any pre-existing pricing arrangements you may have. This flexibility not only allows us to provide you with a complete production solution for any part you bring to us, but it also enables us to pass along lower production costs to you by leveraging competitive bidding across vendors throughout the industry.

Specialty Machining

While we have a wide variety of capabilities in-house, one of the things that we believe makes us an especially valuable partner to you is our ever-growing network of specialty machine shops and service providers that focus on one thing and do it very well. These relationships allow us to provide you with a uniquely complete production solution that saves you from having to source multiple vendors, move your parts between them, and deal with multiple billing departments.

As with the metal finishes and heat treating options mentioned above, we will work with anyone to meet your specific needs. Examples of services we commonly out-shop include:
  • Swaging
  • Certified Welding
  • Precision Gundrilling
  • Wire EDM
  • Superfinishing
  • Large-scale and flat precision grinding


Our shipping department's priority is to protect your parts for shipment and to package them in a way that allows to you easily move them into your inventory or onto your production line.

If you have no specific requirements, our standard packaging practices ensure your parts will make it to you in pristine condition and always clearly identified by label. If you require specific packaging materials, box quantities, labeling, or anything else, we will work closely with you to deliver a consistent, high quality experience.


For our local customers in the greater Puget Sound area, we offer a complimentary delivery and pick-up service which utilizes a heavy-duty open flatbed truck with an eight-pallet capacity as well as a light-duty pickup truck. This allows us to get your parts to you at a moments notice Monday through Friday with a shorter lead time then freight or courier services can provide, and without the additional burden of cost.

For longer distance shipments or for parts and materials too large for our trucks, we work with UPS and FedEx Freight or the transportation company of your choice.

Machine Engraving

Engrave information such as part and revision numbers into your parts. This gives you a permanent, cost effective method for marking identifying information prior to critical cleaning and inspection processes such as passivation or magnetic particle inspection.

Laser Marking

Our Epilog Helix 75W CO2 laser engraver allows us to mark a variety of materials with text or graphics and provide cost effective precision cutting of extruded acrylic sheets, wood, cardboard, and more.
  • Most steel varieties--including Stainless--are marked using Cermark-brand sprays or tapes, a bonding agent that creates a sharp, permanent, high contrast black mark that sits on top of the metal instead of engraving into it. The only way to remove a bonded mark is to remove the metal underneath it. Cermark is impervious to UV exposure, normal abrasion, scratches, solvents and water corrosion. Non-anodized aluminum, glass, and ceramics can also be marked with Cermark.

  • Anodized aluminum can be directly laser marked without the use of Cermark. Laser marking on colored and black anodized aluminum produces a sharp, white, high-contrast permanent mark. Clear anodized aluminum can also be marked, but the contrast on light-colored metals is low in comparison to other options.

  • Acetel plastic (Delrin, etc.) can be physically engraved. Some colors of plastic (such as white) mark with no contrast but can be made deep enough to paint fill. Many colors (including dark grey) mark with a high contract color though.

  • In addition to part marking, we can etch glass and cast-acrylic (as used in awards and trophies), cut extruded acrylic sheets (Plexiglass, etc.) into complex shapes, and cut wood, cardboard, tag board, and paper stock for rapid-prototype and low-run custom packaging at a fraction of the cost and lead time of having a custom cutting die produced at a traditional packaging company.

Rubber Stamping

Along with the use of traditional RIBTYPE rubber stamps, we also produce custom rubber stamps with our in-house laser engraver. This enables us to generate stamps to fit into tight or unusually shaped marking areas while increasing legibility and cosmetic appearance.

We can apply epoxy top coats to protect ink part marks that may be exposed to fluids.

Steel Stamping

We maintain sets of alphabetical and numerical letter set steel stamps in a variety of sizes for parts that cannot be easily machine engraved but still require a permanent engraved mark.

Bag & Tag

We stock many sizes and styles of plastic and paper bags and use a Datamax i-Class thermal transfer label printer to create water and heat resistant labels that do not fade over time. This allows us to bag and tag individual parts for you that can be immediately added to your inventory without any additional effort on your part.